Name: Angelo Randerson

Age: 37

Height: 6’ 2”

Competition Weight: 210 to 225

Occupation: HSE Compliance and Services Manager

Favorite Syntrax Product: Matrix Peanut Butter Cookie

For those of you who know me, it’s obvious my hobbies include weightlifting and bodybuilding. I also coach youth sports and have formed an addiction to tennis shoes.

If you don’t understand the grind of bodybuilding, you can’t respect it. Early on, fitness put a damper on my relationship, as I spent so much time in the gym.  This is something my current fiancé understands as she is also a fan of bodybuilding. She respects it and we make it our thing. Our drive for fitness has impacted my 12-year old daughter positively as well. She changed her eating habits and works on her personal fitness goals.

In 2018, just days before I started my 2nd prep, my mother passed away. She is my ultimate motivator and motivation.  I remember my first show. I was disappointed and wanted to quit. She told me she didn’t raise a quitter and I couldn’t quit until I won. Those words sunk in deep as I used them as my spark to ultimately win my first show in 2019. I have now decided to go for IFBB Pro in honor of my mom.

I live by the Mamba Mentality. The Mamba Mentality is about obsession. It’s about prioritizing your professional goals over having a normal, balanced life. It’s a mentality of playing without fear, mastering your craft and wanting not only to win, but to dominate.


I have spent the last year representing Syntrax as an Elite Ambassador. Syntrax has some of the best tasting protein out there which has helped me build a Top 4 Physique on the national stage.  I love the way Syntrax treats me like I’m family and really supports my goal of becoming an IFBB Pro.


Check out my website and let me help you achieve your goals. Your success is my success:


Syntrax Elite Ambassador

Three Top 5 National Placings 35+ Men’s Physique

Team Cutz Athlete

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