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SuperGLU is an ultra-pure, micronized glutamine powder that solves all of the issues facing other glutamines on the market. By containing 100% natural glutamine powder, SuperGLU eliminates the unknown and harmful impurities associated with synthetic glutamine. The superior manufacturing process of SuperGLU guarantees a snowy white product without off-tastes and odors.

Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in the body and is present in high concentrations in the immune system, digestive tract and muscle cells. Over time, however, these glutamine levels can be depleted by strenuous exercise, infections, injuries and prolonged stress. Each 5g serving of SuperGLU disperses and suspends instantly in solution and helps to restore the body’s diminished reserves of glutamine, providing optimal health and muscle recovery.

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The Facts

  • What is SuperGLU and why is it different?

    SuperGLU is the only micronized, all-natural, pure glutamine product on the market. It has no off-tastes, no off-colors and no off-odors. It is a fluffy, snow-white glutamine powder that mixes instantly and unnoticeably into your favorite beverage.

  • What about other glutamine products?

    Glutamine products produced through synthetic means may contain potentially harmful synthetic chemicals, such as solvents. Furthermore, it is common that these inferior glutamines have significant off-colors, off-tastes and off-odors.

  • Why choose SuperGLU?

    As with other Syntrax® brand products, SuperGLU is the best value in the industry. Compare serving size and cost to any competing product and see what we mean!

  • Why is SuperGLU micronized?

    Micronization is the process of making the glutamine particles extremely small so that SuperGLU not only mixes instantly and unnoticeably, but is also extremely bioavailable and physiologically active.

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