weight loss / weight gain


weight loss / weight gain


weight loss / weight gain


weight loss / weight gain

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no Artificial colors
sustained-release proteins
Palatinose... nature's perfect carb
healthy Oleic and MCT lipids
Good source of fiber
MacroPro is a convenient nutritional beverage engineered to be the perfect food. Due to its high-quality ingredients and optimal fat:carbohydrate:protein ratio, it is ideal for anyone looking to scientifically increase or decrease their total daily caloric intake.

Instead of containing low-quality, unhealthy lipids, such as synthetic trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils), palm kernel oil or soybean oil, MacroPro is infused with high-quality, healthy lipids, such as coconut oil (medium-chain triglycerides) and high-oleic sunflower oil (think olive oil). These lean-body lipids feed the body without creating unwanted adipose tissue or causing inflammation like low-quality oils.

MacroPro also contains the healthiest proteins, such as undenatured whey protein, undenatured micellar casein, and undenatured egg albumin. Not only are these proteins superior for total-body recuperation and repair, but they excel at optimizing muscle tissue levels in calorie-deficit environments.

Finally, MacroPro contains no inferior fat-inducing carbohydrates, such as maltodextrin. On the contrary, only the most advanced, healthy carbohydrates are used, such as palatinose, highly branched superdextrin and soluble corn fiber. These carbohydrates provide a stable infusion of energy and are ideal for both short and long-term replenishment of the body's glycogen stores.

Because MacroPro is nearly the perfect food, it can be used in many different ways to achieve whatever goals you desire. Whether you want to be as big as possible or as thin as possible or as lean as possible, MacroPro is a delicious way to look and feel better.
The Facts

  • What is MacroPro?+

    MacroPro is a delicious, scientific blend of the highest-quality macronutrients designed to nutritionally sustain the body at optimal levels.

  • What types of macronutrients are contained in MacroPro?+

    All three major macronutrient categories are represented in MacroPro. MacroPro contains ideal amounts of protein, carbohydrates (including fiber) and fat.

  • What makes MacroPro better than the competition?+

    Other nutritional or meal replacement powders are created with cheap, inferior ingredients, such as high-glycemic carbohydrates, fat-inducing lipids and denatured, bad-tasting proteins. On the other hand, MacroPro uses the highest-quality carbohydrates, fats and proteins that taste great while being healthy and nutritious.

  • Why are the lipids in MacroPro superior?+

    Most nutritional beverage powders use either partially hydrogenated vegetable oils or polyunsaturated-based vegetable oils as their fat sources. Although cheap and tasteless, these oils are neither the healthiest nor the best choice. In fact, partially hydrogenated oils contain an abundance of trans fats which have been linked to a host of negative health problems such as cardiovascular disease. Polyunsaturated fats, such as soy bean oil and corn oil, are better choices but are not ideal in regards to body fat accumulation and health promotion. Although more expensive, MacroPro contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and monounsaturated-based vegetable oil. MCTs are special fats that are resistant to being converted to adipose tissue. Instead, they are preferentially burned as a primary energy source similar to carbohydrates. MCTs are known as healthy lipids and are widely used in the medical industry to benefit many disease states. MacroPro also contains a lipid very similar to olive oil called high-oleic sunflower oil. Like olive oil, this special sunflower oil contains 80% monounsaturated oleic acid. Oleic acid not only keeps fat accumulation to a minimum but also promotes cardiovascular and whole-body health.

  • Why are the proteins in MacroPro superior?+

    Most nutritional beverages use either denatured, off-tasting whey protein or synthetic, denatured casein in the form of caseinate salts (sodium, potassium and calcium caseinate). Indeed, these proteins are cheaper, but they lack the organoleptic, functional and health-inducing benefits of their natural, undenatured counterparts. MacroPro is unique because it contains only the very best proteins that are in their native, undenatured forms. These proteins include undenatured whey protein concentrate, undenatured micellar casein and undenatured egg white protein. Being unaltered by chemicals or heat, these proteins have exceptional taste profiles and utmost health benefits. The result is a nutritional beverage powder that tastes great and produces noticeable, real-world health benefits.

  • Will using MacroPro cause a person to put on weight in the form of body fat?+

    MacroPro is designed to provide the highest-quality macronutrients to a person’s diet without stimulating the unwanted accumulation of body fat. As long as MacroPro is included as part of total maintenance calories (calories sufficient to maintain current body weight), it is highly unlikely that any additional adipose tissue would be added. Actually, it would not be surprising for there to be a reduction in body fat from using MacroPro. It must be stressed, though, that any program which includes additional calories for the purpose of gaining weight will inevitably cause at least marginal increases in body fat stores. Thankfully, MacroPro is designed to minimalize this increase in body fat to the lowest extent possible.

  • When is the best time to consume MacroPro?+

    MacroPro ideally may be consumed anytime throughout the day. Due to its macronutrient profile, MacroPro works as a convenient, healthy meal replacement or as an additional snack or meal to a person’s normal dietary regimen.

  • Does MacroPro contain artificial sweeteners?+

    No! MacroPro is sweetened only with natural, healthy ingredients.

  • How can MacroPro be so economical if it contains more expensive ingredients than the competition?+

    Notice that MacroPro is packaged in a high-quality laminated bag. There is considerable savings in packaging with this method, which consequently offsets the increased costs of the ingredients. Do not worry about freshness! The plastic laminate used for the bag of MacroPro is an oxygen and moisture barrier structure, which works as well as, or better than, the typical plastic jugs. Furthermore, it contains a recloseable zipper for convenience and uses less of the earth’s precious nonrenewable resources.

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