Category: ADVICE
Aug, 25 2020

Meal Prepping

So often I hear patients that are single tell me they eat most of their meals from a drive-through or convenient stores because they don’t know how to cook/prepare food for just themselves... I’ve always prepared ...

Aug, 06 2020

Is Bariatric Surgery a good option?

Hi there! I’m Katie Mae Dickerson.I’m a Registered Dietitian and I’ve dedicated my decade-long career to working with WLS patients.I am a huge advocate for bariatric surgery and I would hands down recommend ...

Jul, 03 2020

Achieve Bigger Muscles

After years of experience and educating myself, here are my lesson learns, and key points to achieve a bigger muscular look:1. Stop going to failure on every set: One of the common mistakes ...

Jun, 24 2020

Size and Strength Training Program

Size & Strength Training Program    Peri-Workout Supplement Stack (These recommendations are based on a 200-lb male...feel free to adjust accordingly to your specific goals and needs): 20-30 Minutes Pre-Workout: 1 ...

Jun, 09 2020

Immune System, Health and Quarantine

Make sure your immune system is ready to mount a strong defense and keep you from getting sick. “The best strategy at this point is two-fold: both prevention of infection and strengthening the immune system. Here ...

May, 11 2020

The Importance of Taking BCAA's

BCAA's are essential for you as they prevent muscle wasting and give you energy while you are cutting down; this helps to keep your muscle tone so that all your hard work isn’t ...

May, 08 2020

Fitness Misconnects and Mistakes

Throughout the years of my fitness journey, I have learned from so many mistakes and misconnects. Today, I want to share these mistakes to educate everyone: Exercise turns fat into muscle: Wrong! Exercise cannot ...

May, 07 2020

Work Around and Heal Your Physical Injury

Today I would like to share my personal experience during physique injury and how I was able to train during pain and how I 80% healed the injury without the need to perform a surgery! ...

Jan, 15 2020

2020 Resolution Tips

With the New Year here, many are considering what goals to set if you have not already done so. While it can be helpful to share these goals with others, it can also be beneficial ...

Aug, 02 2019

Today let’s talk about “Recovery” body & muscles recovery.

Let’s be honest, we all know that the person who recover faster (after a workout) is the person that most likely will progress better and eventually build muscles faster than everyone else and honestly, I ...