People with medical needs should only consume the highest-quality products to assist them with their goals. At times, a person’s health, even his/her life, depends on consuming products that deliver what they promise! There is no room for error or deception! Consumers must always remember the old adage, caveat emptor (buyer beware).

Combining inferior ingredients with hype and marketing fluff is both unethical and counterproductive to the consumer. Unfortunately, this has not stopped some companies from marketing extremely low-quality ingredients, such as hydrolyzed collagen (gelatin) as a high-quality protein source or infusing their isolated protein powders with inexpensive amino acids, such as taurine to lower costs.  From macronutrient products, such as protein powders to micronutrient products, such as vitamin capsules, many manufacturers can and will do whatever possible to lower costs and increase profits.

At SI03, we created a business model where we develop the highest quality products to sell to the consumer at the lowest cost possible.  In addition, the Syntrax® brand truly stands out as unique when one considers that taste and quality are never sacrificed for the other. Unlike others in the industry, we focus on using only the highest-quality ingredients and creating the best taste possible for every product. Everything is flavored and certified in-house, and nothing is approved and released for sale unless we, ourselves, would enjoy consuming it on a daily basis.

SI03 formulated multiple products with the medical needs of customers in mind. For example, the light, fruity taste of Nectar® has serving sizes designed to provide bariatric patients the perfect amount of protein with no added fats, sugars or carbohydrates. In addition, Nectar® Medical is completely unflavored and can be combined into any food or beverage, including soups and baked goods.

Individuals with compromised health, or those who undergo procedures, such as dialysis or bariatric surgery, should increase protein levels to maintain muscle mass and keep an active metabolism. Without supplying the proper nutrients through beverages and food, the body will take what it needs from the muscles, causing the body to become weak and frail.

Medical procedures and conditions require strict nutritional goals, requirements, and restrictions. SI03 promotes high-quality products that not only taste great but fulfill their promises on a quest to a stronger, healthier body.

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