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contains rbst-free, grass-fed whey
undenatured micellar casein & egg white protein
Trophix® combines four diverse protein sources (casein, egg albumin, whey protein and glutamine peptides) into one versatile product. Casein, the major protein source in Trophix®, is a slow-acting protein that is absorbed into the body over an extended period of time. This not only provides the body with a lasting source of amino acids, but also creates long-term feelings of satiety and fullness.

Completing Trophix’s® unique blend are whey protein, egg albumin and glutamine peptides. Whey is a fast-acting protein source which supports the immune system and supplies the body with tissue-building bursts of amino acids. Egg albumin is a well-rounded, medium-release protein that perfectly promotes the growth and maintenance of lean muscle tissue with its excellent amino acid profile and abundance of growth factors. Finally, glutamine peptides is a protein source unmatched in its ability to provide bioavailable glutamine, one of the most important building blocks in the human body. By imparting the unique benefits of these diverse proteins, Trophix® is clearly the perfect protein powder to support both short- and long-term health and recovery.

As with all Syntrax® products, Trophix® uses only the highest-quality protein sources and flavoring agents. These ingredients may be more expensive than those used in other protein powders, but they taste delicious, ensure instant mixability and retain all of their health benefits. With Trophix®, you’ll never have to choke down a clump-filled, awful-tasting protein shake again.
The Facts

  • What is Trophix®?

    Trophix® is an ultra long-lasting, high-quality protein blend.

  • What makes Trophix® higher quality than the competition?

    Trophix® contains a combination of four different proteins: micellar casein, whey protein, glutamine peptides and egg albumin (egg white protein). Each protein used in Trophix® is of the highest quality available.

  • Why a blend of different proteins instead of just one protein?

    Indeed, there are several very high-quality protein sources, such as egg, casein and whey; however, none of them are perfect in every aspect. All of these protein sources are equal in terms of overall health and growth of lean body tissue, but each has its specific physiological strengths and weaknesses. For instance, egg protein is considered the gold standard protein source. Not only does it perfectly support lean tissue growth and maintenance, but it also contains a host of growth factors and micronutrients. The downside is that it is very expensive. Whey protein has been shown to be the fastest-metabolized protein source and to have superior immune-stimulating abilities. Casein has been shown to be the slowest-metabolized protein source, which makes it superior for providing muscle tissue with amino acids over an extended period of time and imparting a long-term feeling of satiety and fullness. As an added benefit, Trophix® contains glutamine peptides. While not as all-around beneficial as egg, casein or whey, glutamine peptides are the best source of bioavailable glutamine, one of the most important building blocks for the human body. Thus, even though ingesting one protein source has many benefits, ultimately the best course of action is to consume several high-quality protein sources in order to minimize the weaknesses and maximize the strengths of each source.

  • How is Trophix® different from Matrix®?

    Although Trophix® and Matrix® utilize the same types of high-quality proteins, the protein ratios of each blend are distinct. Either product is ideal for anytime use, but each offers unique benefits for those with more specific needs. Matrix® is predominantly whey protein, whereas Trophix® is predominantly micellar casein. As a result, Trophix® is ideal for people who want to emphasize the extended-release benefits of casein, such as long-term amino acid availability and lasting feelings of satiety and fullness, without sacrificing the short- and medium-term benefits of a well-rounded protein blend. Matrix®, on the other hand, is great for those who wish to focus on the more immediate recovery and immune-boosting effects of whey, while still delivering extended results with egg albumin and micellar casein.

  • When is the best time to consume Trophix®?

    Because it contains proteins which are metabolized both quickly and slowly, Trophix® is an ideal protein source for any time of the day. Some people will consume a fast-acting protein source, such as whey protein, after a workout and consume a slow-acting protein source, such as casein, before bedtime. Since Trophix® contains slow-, medium- and fast-acting proteins, it is ideal for any situation. It has the ability to bombard lean body mass quickly with amino acids and provides the body with these same nutrients over an extended period of time.

  • Is Trophix® a superior protein for those with medical conditions, such as bariatric surgery patients?

    Yes! The amino acid profile in Trophix® is the best out of any protein on the market. Furthermore, because it provides the unique benefits of four different protein sources, it offers the best opportunity for increasing overall health and well-being . . . from optimizing lean body mass and adipose levels to supporting an ideal antioxidant status to maintaining proper kidney and immune system function. Finally, since Trophix® is predominantly casein, it imparts long-term feelings of fullness and satiety making it especially beneficial for bariatric patients or anyone who needs to cut back on calories, fat or snacking.

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