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Syntrax® Nectar® Sweets Double Stuffed Cookie - Whey Protein Isolate
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Promina Whey Isolate
Imagine what would happen if the Nectar® name, and the superior quality and taste that it symbolizes, was fused to sweet, scrumptious epicurean delights that a person might find in a high-end candy boutique or bakery. The result would be an irresistible protein shake with ZERO carbs* and ZERO fat that would be an absolute pleasure to consume.

Good news is now at hand! No longer do you have to imagine! We have taken all of the great things about the Nectar® product line and have combined them with amazing sweet flavors that are out-of-this-world delicious. Let us introduce you to Nectar® Sweets . . . the epitome of gourmet taste in the form of the healthiest protein drink ever created.

As with the entire Nectar® lineup, expect the exceptional with Nectar® Sweets. Expect exquisite and full-bodied gourmet flavors; expect ZERO carbs* and ZERO fat; expect instant mixability with only a spoon; expect the highest-quality Promina whey protein isolate; and expect an experience that makes you feel like you are on top of the world.
The Facts

  • What is Nectar® Sweets?+

    Nectar® Sweets is the Syntrax® brand of whey protein isolate (WPI) beverage powder.

  • What makes Nectar® Sweets special?+

    Nectar® is the only protein powder in existence that creates a beverage in which the protein flavor and texture are completely unnoticeable. This feat is accomplished by using Promina brand WPI along with customized, superior flavorings.

  • What is Promina?+

    Promina is, without exception, the highest-quality WPI in existence. It is painstakingly produced so that the delicate whey protein fractions are isolated away from any heat sources. The final result is that Promina is nearly snow-white with a delicate, bland flavor. Because it has no off-colors or off-flavors, it is the perfect base to combine with our advanced flavoring systems.

  • What process is used to instantize Nectar® Sweets?+

    Nectar® Sweets is instantized by combining two separate technologies . . . agglomeration AND lecithination. Unfortunately, some other protein powders use only one of these techniques which is why they clump and dissolve into solution incompletely. Nectar® Sweets always stirs in perfectly.

  • What is the sweetening agent in Nectar® Sweets?+

    The entire Nectar® line, except Nectar® Naturals, is sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame-K. Nectar® Naturals is sweetened with the natural sweetening agents erythritol, stevia extract and monk fruit concentrate.

  • Does Nectar® Sweets contain any carbohydrates or lactose?+

    Nectar® Sweets is practically devoid of any carbohydrates or lactose and is safe even for those who are lactose intolerant (Double Stuffed Cookie contains 1 g of carbs).

  • Does Nectar® Sweets contain any fat?+

    No. Nectar® Sweets contains 0 g of fat.

  • Who should use Nectar® Sweets?+

    Nectar® Sweets should be consumed by everyone who wants the best-quality and best-tasting whey protein powder on the market to supplement their protein needs. Ideal individuals are bariatric/medical patients, children, teenagers, the elderly, fitness enthusiasts and anyone who desires or requires an additional source of daily protein.

  • Why does Nectar® Sweets only contain whey protein instead of a blend of different protein sources?+

    Whey protein is the cleanest-tasting, blandest and most soluble protein available. These qualities are essential for delicate and delicious flavoring systems, such as our fruit, latte and sweet flavors.

  • What is the best way to mix Nectar® Sweets?+

    Nectar® Sweets is fully instantized, which means it quickly and effortlessly stirs into your preferred liquid with just a spoon.

  • What is the serving size for Nectar® Sweets?+

    A serving of Nectar® Sweets is 1/4 scoop and should be mixed with 2–4 oz of water, depending on taste preferences. One full scoop, which provides 23 g of protein, 0 g of fat and 0 g of sugar, may be mixed with 8–16 oz of water.

  • How many times per day should a person consume Nectar® Sweets?+

    This depends somewhat on a person’s needs and desires. However, the majority of users consume at least one scoop of Nectar® Sweets two–three times per day.

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