Category: EXERCISE
Oct, 06 2022

Progressive Overload and De-Load Week

After years of training and experimenting with many different workout approaches, I finally realized that there is only one approach to continuously building muscles. An approach that would guarantee a hypertrophy and strength, that is ...

Jul, 13 2021

5 Main Reasons to Take Matrix Amino BCAA Blend

As many athletes know, amino acids are the building blocks of protein. And, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about the branched-chain amino acids (a.k.a. BCAAs). Many athletes take a BCAA supplement to maximize ...

Dec, 09 2020

How to Get Motivated during the Covid19 Pandemic

It should come as no surprise that exercise is a great tool for optimal health. And with quarantines, lockdowns, social distancing and lack of human connection, it is even MORE important to facilitate exercise into ...

Jul, 03 2020

Achieve Bigger Muscles

After years of experience and educating myself, here are my lesson learns, and key points to achieve a bigger muscular look:1. Stop going to failure on every set: One of the common mistakes ...

Jun, 24 2020

Size and Strength Training Program

Size & Strength Training Program    Peri-Workout Supplement Stack (These recommendations are based on a 200-lb male...feel free to adjust accordingly to your specific goals and needs): 20-30 Minutes Pre-Workout: 1 ...

Mar, 05 2019

Planning Your Workouts

       We all exercise differently for our personal goals. Some might be trying to lose weight, some are trying to build muscle, and some are training specifically for a sport or just to improve their ...

Jan, 03 2019

How to Prevent Workout & Sports Injury by: Adam Azawi

    From personal experiences battling with shoulder/biceps injuries, I want to the share lessons I have learned to train harder and stronger without putting your body at an increased risk for injury. Remember not ...

Nov, 28 2018

Work Around & Heal Your Physical Injury by: Adam Azawi

    Today I would like to share my personal experience on properly training through physical injuries and how I was able to heal 80% of my injury without the need of surgery!    It was approximately 3 and ...

Sep, 18 2018

Patience above Protein:

    By now, most of us know the bare essentials to living a healthy life. We need to eat enough protein to support a healthy metabolism and gain/maintain muscle. We need to stay somewhat active. We ...

Sep, 10 2018

Adam Page: Syntrax Gold

Hey everyone! We wanted to express our appreciation to our fans and supporters of our products!  One area of Syntrax that we enjoy highlighting are our ambassadors! These individuals are NPC competitors, fitness models and ...