With the New Year here, many are considering what goals to set if you have not already done so. While it can be helpful to share these goals with others, it can also be beneficial to keep these goals under wraps.

We've all seen it. Social media accounts that give you a daily blow-by-blow of each fraction of a pound lost. Acquaintances who talk about their healthy eating goals every time you see them. Although a steady support group is a helpful part of achieving any goal, there can be a diminishing return.

Whether your goal is to eliminate fast food 6 out of 7 days per week, go to the gym 5 instead of 2 days per week, or fit back into an old pair of jeans, every goal is a meaningful one. However, broadcasting that goal can come with some setbacks. First, you may encounter the naysayers and the sabotagers. These are the people that have something negative to say, no matter how positive your goal is. Not only is this not helpful in achieving your goals, but it can be the source of temptations. Next, you could fall victim to the comparison game. You wonder why your posted progress picture doesn't get the same amount of likes as someone else. Or, you feel that you don't get enough comments on your picture of driving past the fast-food resturant., maybe you should have just gone.  Sometimes giving YOURSELF a pat on the back is the most meaningful and most productive. Finally, you may come off (incorrectly) as trying to put other people down. If someone is trying to do what you are doing, but can't do it, they might end up feeling guilty. That guilt can strain relationships (although maybe some relationships aren't healthy, supportive ones after all!).

What would I recommend is telling a few close individuals about your goals. Pick people who will give you a firm talk if you are thinking about straying, but are also quick to give praise to even the smallest success. Pick the people that will steer you right if you text or call them in a weak moment and who will support you without any strings attached. The feedback and support from these individuals will be genuine, which is the kind of support that is most valuable.

A big reward of this is not only achieving the goals you set out to achieve but the surprise when people come to realize the changes that you made. Everyone loves the fun of opening up a present - so why not present them with a whole new you!

Written by

Anthony Tedesco

Anthony "Antabolic" Tedesco, BEXSc, CPT
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