It’s days from many individuals’ self-proclaimed “fresh start” of a new calendar year. Like every year at this time, for the past month or so my inbox has been flooded with potential clients wishing to “begin after the holidays.” This small detail in a prospective client’s introduction tells me much more about their level of commitment than they (or you reading this) may even realize. Having worked in the fitness industry for over a decade now, I and many other professionals have come to an unfortunate realization. That is the vast majorities of “New Year’s Resolutioners” begin January by rushing the doors of gyms nationwide yet are nowhere to be found by the first day of spring. Now, this is not to say anyone who decides to begin an exercise or nutrition program at the start of a new year will fail, for I have had many successful clients do so. However, I will say the odds are NOT in their favor.

    When someone tells me they wish to begin after the holidays, my first response is to ask them why. It is then I usually hear about food, parties, and other excuses as to why it will be easier to wait until there are fewer temptations. Notice I called their reasons why excuses because they are just that-- an excuse. Excuses are the things we tell ourselves that keep us from achieving the goals we proclaim or set out to accomplish. Starting a fitness journey or transformation is NEVER easy. I have done so numerous times myself and with a countless number of clients as early as my own first weight loss transformation at just 11 years old. The “barriers” we face during the holidays can and will be encountered at many other parts of the year as well, and to be successful in transforming how you look and feel requires the dedication and willpower to handle them whenever they present themselves.

    So if you were planning on “getting back on track” or “getting in shape” in 2018, go against the grain and take a stand for your health TODAY by starting NOW! Enjoy your holidays with family and friends, but do not allow that to cause you to lose sight of where you envision yourself in the future. It is OK to “attend but not participate” as I say. You CAN go to that office holiday party and not engage in drinking alcohol or eating unhealthy foods. It IS possible to walk into that gym you have been thinking of joining and sign up TODAY instead of waiting until the 1st. Look in the mirror, and if you are unhappy then I challenge you to do something about it THIS MOMENT. Change your daily routines for the better now, so that by January 1st you are already well on your way to success!

    This NEVER gets easier, we just grow stronger, and by making a commitment to yourself and loved ones to be the healthiest you yet, you are doing something that can only change your life for the better. If you KNOW that making these changes will drastically improve how you feel, your looks, and overall quality of your life, why do you even want to wait?! I know that if you really want better for yourself you can achieve that and do so now. Then come January, you are already in a groove, and by Spring hitting your stride while many of those who waited have long fallen off. Do this for you and do it ASAP! Should any of you have questions or need help, I am more than glad to be part of your journey. Just don’t wait until next year to contact me!

Written by

Anthony Tedesco

Anthony "Antabolic" Tedesco, BEXSc, CPT
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