Throughout the years of my fitness journey, I have learned from so many mistakes and misconnects. Today, I want to share these mistakes to educate everyone:

Exercise turns fat into muscle: Wrong! Exercise cannot turn fat into muscle because one type of cell cannot be turned into another. But exercise, particularly strength training, helps build muscle, which helps you burn more calories and lose fat.

Your workout will count only if you Sweat: Wrong and Not necessarily. Moving your body and raising your heart rate relative to your fitness level are the most important parts of physical activity If you are moving your body more than you usually do, you are working toward better fitness, sweat or no sweat.

You Should go too heavy while lifting: If you lift more weight than your muscles can control, you can cause injury and overcompensate with poor form. Conversely, using weights that are too light may not challenge your muscles and induce any kind of change. Bottom line is to pick a weight that will challenge you and then gradually increase it.

One Type of Exercise is Enough: Wrong! adding variety and challenge to your routine will help you reach your overall health goals.

Lifting weights will make women bulk up: Wrong! Women don’t have as much testosterone as men, so it is not easy to bulk up their muscles by lifting weights unless they are trying to do so. But strength training, or lifting reasonable weights, is an important part of physical fitness. If you are still worried about becoming too muscular, use less weight and more repetitions (10 to 15 repetitions per set).

Stretching and warm-ups are not so important: Wrong! Working your muscles and exposing them to physical strain without proper protection can lead to soreness and injury. Before beginning your workout, be sure to complete a dynamic stretching routine and gradually move into the type(s) of exercise you will be doing.

You can expect results instantly: Fitness is a journey that you walk through gradually, allowing your body to react and adjust over time as you grow stronger and healthier. While mental and emotional benefits may be observed quickly, physical changes can take a while to see.

Exercises are more important than diet: WRONG! No matter how much you exercise, you cannot compensate for poor nutrition. Even more so, many people overestimate the number of calories they burn in a workout and therefore consume a significantly higher amount. To truly manage your weight and health, healthy nutrition habits are essential.

Written by

Adam Azawi

Syntrax Elite |  Physique Competitor | Fitness Photographer

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