Today I would like to share my personal experience on properly training through physical injuries and how I was able to heal 80% of my injury without the need of surgery!

    It was approximately 3 and a half months ago when I first started having issues with my right shoulder. There was a sharp pain every time I would perform overhead movements or while I was bench pressing with high instability. To cut the story short, I decided to do an MRI to identify the exact issue and the results came in as a “SLAP Tear” within my right shoulder. To my surprise, the doctor said that I would most likely need surgery with a 6-month post-surgery recovery period to follow. I could not fathom why that surgery was my only choice of action for this peculiar injury. Curious, I decided to do my own research on alternative recovery methods. I found striking results. Here is how I was able to recover my injury to almost 90% by following these steps:


1. Train around the injury. Continue to train hard but avoid anything that hurts. And I mean anything! Even if it's just a little, all you’re doing is prolonging the recovery process. Lay off on the injured area and train other areas of your body.

2. Nutrition. Nutrition is often underrated and overlooked, but also because it is one of the most important factors in injury recovery.

3. Using proper body and posture adjustments, as well as, posture straightening exercises, I personally was visiting a chiropractor twice a week for this one. Highly recommend it!

4. Strengthen the muscles around your injured area by doing full-range of motion exercises with lighter weights. A physical therapist will advise you on which exercises to do to assist you in regaining your full range of motion

5. Completely rest for 2 weeks only. And by rest, I mean halting any movements that cause pain until you are healed. 2 weeks out from the gym will not cause you to lose any muscle mass.

6. Properly ice and heat the injury. 10 minutes at a time using the R.I.C.E Method. That's Rest, Ice, Compression, & Elevation

7, Another nonsurgical method that benefitted me was P-wave & laser therapy. These 2 methods helped me reduce the inflammation around the injured areas.

8. Take anti-inflammatory pills. I took them during my 2 weeks of complete resting.

9. Deep Tissue massages to help loosen those tense muscles.

10. Finally, using proper form and warm Up activities.


    What was my injury? It was a sub-acute injury that built up over months or years. These injuries are notorious for being frustrating. Despite being able to train, you are unable to be at your maximum intensity level and your performance is unfortunately hampered throughout the recovery process.

Written by

Adam Azawi

Syntrax Elite |  Physique Competitor | Fitness Photographer

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