Category: EXERCISE
Apr, 23 2018

Fitness Disconnect Mistakes

Throughout the years of my fitness journey I have learned from so many mistakes and disconnects. So, today I wanted to share with you these mistakes to educate everyone.

Exercise turns fat into muscle: Wrong! Exercise ...

Apr, 04 2018

8 Weeks to Boost Your Bench & Build Bigger Pecs By: Anthony “Antabolic” Tedesco, BEXSc, CPT

    When I first stepped foot in a commercial gym in 2005, I clearly remember dropping 95 lbs on my chest in an attempt at a barbell bench press. Ever since that day, increasing the size ...

Feb, 08 2018

Maximize Your Recovery with SuperGLU

    Many athletes neglect giving the body what it needs to recover. While there are many ways to recover your body, today’s focus is on one of the purest supplements to help with recovery—Glutamine! Glutamine is the ...

Jan, 18 2018

Should I Cut or Bulk?

    We are beginning 2018 and most of us undoubtedly have goals related to fitness. I would guess that the majority of us would like to be ripped, toned, or more defined. Questions of how to ...

Dec, 28 2017

The New You Starts Today!

    It’s days from many individuals’ self-proclaimed “fresh start” of a new calendar year. Like every year at this time, for the past month or so my inbox has been flooded with potential clients wishing to ...